Patios serve as a versatile addition to any Sydney home, providing a unique outdoor space for relaxation, family activities, and social gatherings. The task of selecting the perfect patio, however, can sometimes be daunting, particularly when choosing between an insulated or non-insulated version. This article aims to simplify this decision by outlining the core differences between insulated patios, with expanded polystyrene sandwiched between two sheet metal layers, and non-insulated single skin metal or Colorbond patios.

Diving into Insulated Patios

Insulated patios are constructed using specially designed roofing panels. These panels consist of a high-grade insulation material, specifically expanded polystyrene, sandwiched between two sturdy layers of sheet metal. At Sydney Patios, we source these top-quality insulated roofing panels from leading manufacturers such as Versiclad, Bondor, and Stratco. This setup allows the expanded polystyrene to regulate the temperature beneath the patio effectively, fostering a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor environment throughout the year.

The Appeal of Non insulated Patios

Key Features & Benefits of Insulated Patios

Insulated patios offer several compelling advantages:

1. Boosted Home Value
Insulated patios can significantly increase your property’s value, marking it as a smart investment for homeowners.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing
Thanks to their long unsupported spans, insulated patios reduce the need for additional support beams, ensuring a cleaner, more appealing look.

3. Comprehensive Sun Protection
The insulation layer provides a full shield from the sun, ensuring comfort during the hot Sydney summers.

4. Noise Reduction
The expanded polystyrene insulation efficiently muffles noise, particularly during heavy rainfall, creating a tranquil outdoor space.

5. Fire Safety
The fire-retardant properties of the expanded polystyrene core significantly mitigate radiant heat penetration, enhancing patio safety.

6. Prevention of Condensation and Mould
Insulated patios help deter the build-up of condensation and mould, maintaining a clean and hygienic ceiling all year round.

Understanding Non-insulated Single Skin Metal Patios

Non-insulated patios, generally crafted from a single layer of metal or Colorbond, do not contain an insulation layer. While they provide different benefits compared to insulated patios, they remain a practical choice for many homeowners.

The Appeal of Non-insulated Patios

Non-insulated patios are typically more cost-effective, making them an appealing option for homeowners operating on a tighter budget. Despite the absence of insulation, they still offer robust protection from the elements. Made from durable materials like metal or Colorbond, these patios are built to endure harsh weather conditions.

Making the Right Patio Choice

Your choice between an insulated patio and a non-insulated single skin metal patio will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. If you prioritize aesthetics, year-round comfort, and enhancing your home’s value, an insulated patio may be a worthy investment. Conversely, if your focus is cost-effectiveness and simple weather protection, a non-insulated patio could be the ideal solution.

Key Features Benefits of Insulated Patios

At Sydney Patios, our expertise lies in designing and installing both insulated patios and non-insulated single skin metal patios. Our team of professionals is prepared to work closely with you to determine the best patio option for your home, aligning with your design ideals and functional requirements.

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