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Custom Open Gable Carport in St. Clair

St. Clair
Project Type
  • Metroll Fascia Gutters
  • Engineered T6 aluminium beams
  • Lysaght Flatdek roofing
  • Laserlite Multiwall
  • SHS150 aluminium posts
  • Stratco coloured PVC down pipe

Project info

Embracing the Outdoors with an Elegant Open Gable Carport in St. Clair

Every homeowner dreams of an outdoor space that not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of their property but also serves a functional purpose. Sydney Patios recently brought such a vision to life in St. Clair, proving again that beauty and utility can go hand in hand.

Setting the Scene: St. Clair’s Unique Landscape

Nestled within the heart of Western Sydney, St. Clair is a suburb that offers residents the best of urban living and natural serenity. The challenge for any construction project here is harmonising with the suburb’s unique charm harmoniously.

Client Vision and Challenges

When the homeowners approached us, their primary objective was to build a carport that protects their vehicles while elevating the overall look of their property. They sought a design that would blend seamlessly with their existing brick home and provide a modern touch without overshadowing the residence’s original charm.

The Sydney Patios Approach

1. Design Philosophy:

Our design process always starts with understanding the landscape and the client’s vision. For this St. Clair project, the panoramic view of the lush garden and the brick exterior of the house provided the ideal canvas. The opening gable design was intentional, letting in the maximum natural light while offering a spacious feel.

2. Material Selection:

In the world of patios and carports, the choice of materials is paramount. Our team opted for Lysaght Flatdek roofing, known for its durability and dual-tone beauty. The underside radiates in Thredbo White, offering a clean and sleek look, while the upper exterior’s Monument hue provides a contemporary contrast.

The structural foundation was laid using SHS150 Aluminium Posts and Engineered T6 aluminium beams. This ensures aesthetic appeal and longevity, guaranteeing that the structure remains resilient against the elements.

3. Attention to Detail:

What sets Sydney Patios apart is our unwavering commitment to the finer details. For this project, the meticulous welding of the trusses ensured a polished appearance, with no overt display of fasteners. Additionally, the introduction of aluminium slats for the front truss met engineering specifications and amplified the structure’s overall aesthetic appeal.

4. Tackling Rainy Days:

A common concern with outdoor constructions is the drainage system. We integrated the Metroll Fascia Gutter for this carport, paired with Stratco’s Coloured PVC down pipe in a matching Monument shade. This ensures adequate water drainage without compromising the design’s integrity.

Outcome and Client Feedback

The completed carport stands as a testament to Sydney Patios’ dedication to delivering excellence. It provides a protective space for vehicles and accentuates the property’s beauty, becoming an integral part of the home’s appeal.

The homeowners expressed immense satisfaction with the outcome. They appreciated the seamless integration of the carport with their home and were particularly impressed with the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Why Sydney Patios?

This open gable carport in St. Clair exemplifies Sydney Patios’ commitment to detailed craftsmanship and client satisfaction. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space with a durable and stylish carport or other outdoor structures, we’re eager to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discuss your project.



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