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Unveiling Ingleburn’s Triple Treat: A Patio, Sunroom, and Carport Spectacle

Project Type
  • Bondor Solarspan insulated roofing
  • Versiclad Panelink insulated wall panel
  • AWS aluminium windows and door
  • Metroll Fascia Gutters
  • Engineered T6 aluminium beams
  • Shademaster Flat Profile single skin roofing
  • SHS150 aluminium posts
  • Zipscreen outdoor blinds

Project info

A Triple Triumph: Sydney Patios Transforms an Ingleburn Residence

Sunroom Revival

When the homeowners at Ingleburn approached Sydney Patios for a sunroom overhaul, we knew there was ample opportunity to transform an ordinary space into an exquisite retreat. 

After removing the pre-existing structure, our team recreated the sunroom, incorporating the Bondor Solarspan 75mm for the roofing. Taking extra care to enhance the ceiling elevation, we strategically eliminated the house’s existing gutter, utilising an aluminium back channel. This method added to the spaciousness and ensured a continuous eave finish. It’s worth noting that our unique attachment method – eliminating visible fasteners for a clean – resulted in a sleek appearance and clutter-free finish underneath. 

Our design intricacies included the stylish integration of the Versiclad Panelink insulated wall on the bottom half, with the upper portion adorned by elegant AWS windows. With the inclusion of strategically placed downlights, the room radiates warmth. Regarding aesthetics, the owner’s preference for Manor Red gutters and wall panels, set against a cream frame, was a nod to classic Australian architecture and integrated smoothly with the existing structure.

The Patio Awning: A Seamless Extension

Our craftsmanship extended to the back of the house, where we erected a magnificently insulated patio awning. Again, the Bondor Solarspan 75mm insulated roofing made its mark, echoing the same superior attachment techniques used in the sunroom.

The aluminium beam, devoid of grooves, set this patio apart. Over time, grooves tend to accumulate dust, resulting in unsightly marks; our selection ensured longevity and elegance. Moreover, we opted for SHS150 aluminium posts designed for seamless Zipscreen outdoor blinds installation. Speaking of which, these spring-controlled blinds were meticulously planned in advance to achieve an utterly seamless finish, enhancing not just functionality but also visual pleasure.

Carport: A Regal Welcome

Concluding our trinity of projects was the double-fronted carport, an embodiment of functionality and grandeur. SHS150 posts paired with engineered T6 aluminium beams set the stage, while the Shademaster single skin flat profile roofing provided impeccable shelter. The owner’s penchant for the Manor Red hue was consistently visible, from the posts to the beams and gutters. This choice gracefully complemented the house’s facia, creating a cohesive visual appeal.

Client Testimonial: A Badge of Honour

The crowning jewel for any project is undoubtedly the client’s feedback. The homeowner graciously acknowledged our efforts at Ingleburn with a glowing 5-star Google review: “Kelvin and team worked well and finished my carport, pergola and verandah neat and tidy manner. They really know what they are doing and always arrive on time – the quality and workmanship of their work is excellent! Kelvin is a very considerate person who makes everything straightforward to understand regarding his quote and makes sure everything is perfect and to my standard. I would recommend Kelvin and his team to all of my friends who requires additions to their property.”

In summarising our Ingleburn journey, it was a tapestry of design, innovation, and impeccable execution. For those contemplating a similar transformative journey for their homes, we invite you to contact us. Let Sydney Patios weave its magic for you.



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