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Transforming Outdoor Living at Oran Park

Oran Park
Project Type
  • Stratco Edge Gutter
  • Versiclad 75mm Spacemaker Insulated Roofing
  • SHS 150mm Aluminium Posts
  • Aluminium Beams

Project info

In today’s era of architectural wonders, designing an outdoor space involves more than just aesthetics. It’s about crafting an experience that is both inviting and functional. When done right, a patio becomes an oasis where one can relax, entertain, and embrace the outdoors. This is the magic that professional patio builders bring to the table. At Oran Park, Sydney Patios has sculpted a masterpiece that perfectly captures the essence of a modern, efficient, and stylish patio design.

Introducing the Project

Oran Park boasts one of the most elegantly designed patios by Sydney Patios. The centrepiece? A flyover insulated patio roof, accompanied by the state-of-the-art motorised Zipscreen outdoor blinds. This isn’t just an installation; it’s a statement of what innovative patio design should be all about. Every inch of this project has been meticulously planned and executed, bearing witness to the expertise of skilled patio builders.

Materials Make the Difference:

Selecting suitable materials is at the heart of exceptional patio design. For this project, the choice of materials not only ensures longevity but also aligns with the modern aesthetics of the house.

  • Versiclad Spacemaker SIP Roofing: The crowning glory of this patio, the Spacemaker SIP roofing, is renowned for its superior insulation capabilities. Whether it’s the sweltering heat of summer or the chilly breezes of winter, this roofing ensures that the patio remains a comfortable haven throughout the year. Its sleek design adds a touch of modernity, making it a preferred choice for contemporary homes.
  • Aluminium 150X150 Posts: The structural integrity of a patio is paramount. With these robust aluminium posts, strength meets style. Their slender profile belies the support they provide, ensuring that the patio stands firm against the test of time and elements. Their corrosion-resistant nature further promises minimal maintenance and long-lasting beauty.
  • Aluminium Beams: Serving as the backbone of the structure, these beams offer unwavering support to the roof. Their seamless integration into the overall design ensures they aren’t just functional elements but also contribute to the patio’s visual appeal.
  • Stratco Edge Gutter: Efficient water drainage is often a challenge patio builders face. With the Stratco Edge Gutter, water stagnation and potential damage are things of the past. Its state-of-the-art design not only ensures smooth water flow but also elevates the overall look of the patio, showcasing how functionality and design can go hand-in-hand.

Additional Features Elevate the Experience

No patio design is complete without those finishing touches that elevate user experience. At Oran Park, these additions are more than just ornamental; they redefine luxury and convenience.

  • Down lights and Fan: Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood of any space. The strategically placed down lights illuminate the patio, making evenings serene and inviting. These lights, combined with the elegantly designed fan, ensure that the ambience is always perfect. Whether it’s a quiet evening reading a book or a lively gathering with friends, the combination of these features sets the right tone.
  • Motorised Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds: One of the standout features of this patio design is undoubtedly the Zipscreen blinds. What sets them apart is their motorised mechanism. With just a click, homeowners can control their outdoor exposure. Be it protection from the sun’s rays, the evening chill, or simply a need for some privacy, these blinds deliver impeccably. Their seamless design ensures that they don’t just offer utility but also contribute to the patio’s chic look.

Final Thoughts

Oran Park’s installation is not just a testament to Sydney Patios’ expertise as a premier patio builders but also a showcase of what modern patio design can achieve. Every element, from the choice of patio roofing to the additional features, has been integrated with a clear vision – to create an outdoor space where design meets functionality.

The emphasis on using top-notch materials, the intricate details that add layers of luxury, and the forward-thinking approach to user convenience make this project a benchmark in patio design. As homeowners increasingly seek to make the most of their outdoor spaces, installations like this serve as inspiration, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

In the world of patio design, it’s not just about building a structure; it’s about crafting experiences. And with this installation at Oran Park, Sydney Patios has once again proven why they are among the leading patio builders in the industry.




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